How We Work with Your School


We collaborate to assess your school’s greatest needs with our educational consulting service.


We work in tandem to develop a dynamic coaching plan for onsite work.


We coach teachers and leaders using research-based methods.


We utilize student data to inform our work throughout the partnership.


We report the impact of our partnership and make recommendations for the future.

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About Making Teachers Great

Our mathematics consultants are highly qualified and experienced educators who are passionate about supporting novices and veteran teachers who help them get results! We pride ourselves on providing the best coaching support & math tutoring for teachers in the schools we serve.


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What Do We Do?

We help teachers develop the skills they need to succeed in their roles. Our coaching methods have been proven to be effective in improving academic outcomes for students and teachers.

Offering comprehensive classroom management support to educators and schools. Our team of experienced educators and consultants understands the critical role that classroom management plays in creating a productive learning environment for students.

Professional learning communities are crucial to the success of schools across the country. Schools that have transformed into a true professional learning community have experienced excellent academic outcomes. Join us, and be part of our learning communities.

Mathematics is a critical subject for success in many academic and career paths. Whether a student is struggling with basic arithmetic or advanced calculus, our coaching team is here to help.

Teachers must be skilled at creating an academic environment where students are motivated to learn. Our team is skilled at working with educators to help them foster a positive environment conducive to creating a positive learning environment.

Our One-On-One Coaching Support program is tailored to meet the unique needs of everyone. We begin with an initial consultation to identify the individual’s goals and priorities for the coaching process.

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    How do I get started?

    To begin, go to our services page and select the one you need. Book an appointment, and our experts will contact you soon.

    How does MTG work?

    Once you avail of one of our services. Our team will set up an appointment with you. Further, our team of professionals will work on achieving your primary objective.

    Who can use MTG?

    All schools and academic ventures can use MTG, especially those who are looking to have quality math tutoring services. We have worked with schools in high-poverty areas to improve math outcomes. Some of our schools have received recognition for our math growth.

    How is MTG different from other tutoring services?

    We are an educational consulting business that focuses on improving teaching and learning in public and charter schools. Our primary focus is math tutoring and leadership development. We work with teachers and principals to help them build systems to help improve academic outcomes for the school and the students.

    Can you give help in other subjects outside of maths?

    Though our primary goal is to help schools improve academic outcomes for all stakeholders. Hence, our focus is only on Math.

    Can I ask anything?

    Yes, you can ask anything regarding the educational consultancy. We have built professional learning communities for individuals to enhance and develop their skills, and also help in student motivation and engagement.

    When is the service open?

    Service is open 24/7, for more information, contact us at

    What qualifications do coaches have?

    Our coaches are highly qualified to work with teachers from diverse backgrounds. We have a combined total of 35 years of experience working in high-poverty schools to improve academic outcomes for students. All coaches have a high level of expertise in working with novice and veteran teachers to improve their teaching practices. All coaches have a proven track record of results.

    Where does instruction take place?

    Coaching sessions take place at the schools we serve. We also conduct virtual coaching sessions. We also have access to meeting spaces in all metropolitan areas across the country.

    What is the cost?

    Pricing varies according to the service’s unique needs. (We do not have a set cost for services)